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Ready player one designs

I was lucky enough to design the curator for RP1 and quite a few other things for the film.
It was a real Honor to work on this film as I have been huge Steven Spielberg fan since I was a kid watching Close encounters every day through the school holiday's, definitely a tick off the list kind of thing...
Once again Great work to everyone involved I thought the whole thing looked stunning on screen!

Dan baker 013 rp1 20160408 historian cuff v002 db l
Dan baker rp1 20160408 historian blackfinish v011 db
Dan baker 041 030 rp1 20160419 outfitters carousel v012 db l
Dan baker 023 rp1 teleporter street doom v001 008 db
Dan baker 037 026 rp1gambing planet v005 db
Dan baker rp1golf planet v006 002 db
Dan baker rp1 doom planet wide v001 009 db